Office Hours Spring 2018

For those seeking extra credit: spring office hours are here!

office hrs s2018

1) If “Place” is missing, it might be the TMC office in the basement of Harleston.
2) If you go to Harleston and you can’t find the board member you’re expecting, email them! They are probably friendly and didn’t mean to leave you hanging.
<3 TMC Board 2018

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Caretaker Schedule Spring 2018

*buh-duh-duh-duhmhhhh* (trumpet noise)

Here’s the link to the Caretaker Schedule for this grand old semester we call spring!

Contact Lojmom Max Migdail with any questions, comments, concerns, or trivia about sea turtles (

Take Care! (haha like caretaking haha)

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Office Hours

Come to Office Hours!

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 3.37.18 PM

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Fall Gear Hours

Hey TMC, welcome back to campus!

  • The gear hours this fall are Tuesdays 5:15 – 6pm, and Thursdays 2pm – 4pm; as always, if those hours don’t work, email to find a time!
  • Gear hours are great for checking out micro spikes, hiking boots, tents, and all other gear that TMC has to office- swing by 17 Chetwynd Rd to see everything, which is all free to rent with a TMC membership!
  • Summer gear orders are in, so swing by and pick them up. There will be a fall microspike order later in the year as well
  • Keep an eye out for informational events with your favorite technical directors in the upcoming weeks

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Welcome First Years!!!!

Hello hello and welcome to Toofts!!!! Want to take a break from the craziness that is O-week? Click here to sign up for two fantastic events: A stroll in the Middlesex Fells and a sploosh in Mystic Lake. Explore the local outdoors, meet other first years, chill with TMCers, perchance maybe the best way to spend the day. So stoked to see you all soon

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Summer Gear Hours


Gear director will be in the gear room for the morning of May 11th if you have last-minute gear to return. Because I won’t be on campus during most weekdays and several weekends, there will be NO regular gear hours this summer; feel free to message me about a specific day, but I can’t guarantee access.

For those of you who ordered gear, it will be available this fall. Have a great summer!

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Summer Loj and Van Policy

If you are a certified caretaker, you CAN open the Loj during the summer. If you plan to do so, there are some very important steps so we can make sure everything stays good and safe!

  • If you are staying at the loj you MUST MUST MUST fill out this spreadsheet. This is non-negiotable and is essential to the Loj remaining open during summers (…/10WiZxYNKggr8W_zcqQWTB5sPRu…/edit…)
  • The Loj is available for use this summer to everyone but only if a caretaker has come and opened it (although caretakers can go on trips during the day)
  • If you plan on opening up the Loj, post in the Facebook group/Trips board so that others know — especially if you have other car spots that other TMCers could hop in on!
  • No food will be provided at the Loj over the summer
  • There is no Loj fee over the summer, but we ask you to donate what you can if you are using Loj resources over the summer. Anything you give will go to making the Loj and TMC a better place!
  • The same Loj rules as always still apply. Please be respectful of the space and others and keep in mind that safety is still super important during the summer.

If you have any questions about the Loj please contact (Before June 22) Loj Mom, Josh Cohen or (Post June 22) Events Director Nola Jenkins !!!  

Happy Summer Lojing


Van Policy 

Dr. Doom is open for use over the summer for any club-related activity. If you hope to use the van, make sure to post a trip on the trips board so that others can join in.

The keys to Dr. Doom will be held in Christa’s office over the summer, on the top floor of the campus center in room 208. Stop by during regular business hours to pick them up.

As a friendly reminder, club activities include trips to Metro Rock, hikes, climbs, jaunts, and bike rides in the outdoors. Club activities do not include personal grocery trips or rides to Logan! Srry!

Please contact Josh Cohen aka Lojmom if you have any questions about summer Loj :)

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Finals Week Gear Hours

Hey all (especially those of you with gear checked out!) hours for the gear room next week (May 1-6) are funky and listed below; there will NOT be regular gear hours the week after, only by request.
Hours for next week:
Tuesday 10-11am
Wednesday 6 – 6:30 pm
Thursday 5 – 6:30 pm
Friday as needed
If you have gear out, it should be back by Friday at the very latest! Let me know if this isn’t possible!

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Changed Gear Hours- Spring Semester

Hello TMC!

Due to increased demand for different gear hours, the new hours for spring semester will be:
Thursday 5:30 – 6:30
Monday 6-6:30
Hopefully this will not only allow members not on campus to access the gear, but also create a time for gear return (Monday) before it needs to go back out again. These hours will go into effect beginning this Thursday; if you’ve contacted me about coming at the old hours, I will be in touch to reschedule.
As always, contact for more questions/hours.

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Community Forum on Female Identifying and Gender Noncorming Weekend

Come by the Terrace Room at 9:15pm on Monday. We will be holding an open forum about the closing of the Loj for Female Identifying and Gender Non Conforming Weekend.

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