Exec Updates from TMC!

Exciting things are happening for TMC right now:

1. Christa Ricker is our new TMC advisor, starting next week! She will be working out of the OCL and overseeing Orientation and Pre-orientation programs as well.

+ Christa is a NH native.  She began studying Outdoor Education as an undergraduate at UNH and is currently one semester away from a masters degree.  Her main focus of study is on outdoor orientation programs.  She has spent the last three summers working with Tufts Wilderness Orientation and prior to that was a wilderness therapy guide in Maine.  Her favorite backcountry activities are winter camping, bouldering, and all types of skiing. Christa loves to travel and is hoping to reach her goal of having traveled to thirty countries by the time she is thirty (5 countries and 15 months left to go).  She is a huge fan of her cat, Dyno, and also loves baking and watching old episodes of The West Wing.

+ TMC members will maintain our current projects, but Christa will be able to help us work more efficiently and take on new projects.

+ For example, in the future we hope to consistently offer trips over breaks, access to formal skills training, and listings for jobs in the outdoors.

2. We are having an Open Board meeting in Eaton 333 Sunday, March 8 at 7:30pm!

+ All members are invited to attend!

+ Current board members will give general updates about what they’re been up to.

+ We will review our constitution and invite members to give feedback as we re-write it. We will include a discussion about the role of our advisor.

+ General discussion about TMC projects and activities. If you have a topic you would like to cover, email me and I will add it to the agenda.

3. Starting after the open board meeting, minutes from board meetings will be posted here. If you want to stay updated on Exec Board activities, feel free to review minutes and give us feedback about goings on in the club.

Go Outside,


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GNAR Ski Movie Showing

Join the Tufts Mountain Club and the Tufts Ski and Snowboard Club for a showing of “G.N.A.R.” on Tuesday 2/24 at 8:30PM in Braker 001.

Unofficial Networks Presents: “G.N.A.R.”
A Film by Scott & Robb Gaffney and Shane McConkey

WARNING: This film has an abundance of Man Ass…

Check out the trailer here: https://vimeo.com/17787406

Join the Facebook event!

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TMC Movie Nights: Valley Uprising and G.N.A.R.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 10.16.08 AM

Come watch Valley Uprising with TMC-ers this Wednesday (the 18th) at 8pm in Barnum 104!

Facebook event here

The greatest untold story of American counterculture is that of the Yosemite Valley rock climbers. For the past fifty years, Yosemite’s massive cliffs have drawn explorers and madmen to leave materialism behind and venture onto the high, lonesome granite. Starring Yosemite legends Dean Potter, Alex Honnold, Lynn Hill, “Chongo” Chuck, John Bachar, Jim Bridwell, Warren Harding, Yvon Chouinard, Royal Robbins and more…


‘This may be the best climbing film ever made.’
– Red Bull Magazine

‘A palpable journey that jumps off the screen…I wanted the illicit freedom to continue forever.’
– National Geographic Adventure

‘Spectacular and awe-inspiring… just like Yosemite itself.’
– John Horn/The Frame

Show up, watch the movie, have fun. Even if you have never climbed or don’t care about climbing this movie is a great tale of adventure and dirtbagging.

There might even be some gear raffled…


Upcoming: Climbing not your cup of tea? We will also be showing the rad film G.N.A.R. with Tufts Ski and Snowboard Club on Tuesday Feb 24, at 8:30 pm in Braker 001. Stay tuned for more info.

Trailer here: https://vimeo.com/17787406



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Announcing Lily’s Fund for Adventure


A year ago, we lost our dear friend and former TMC president, Lily Glidden. Lily’s zeal for outdoor exploration was infectious: she inspired the same adventurousness in everyone around her. To continue this, we’re creating Lily’s Fund for Adventure: a grant through TMC to partially fund imaginative trips, in order to make them financially attainable. Think bigger than a weekend in the Whites: biking across Iceland, or climbing and rafting through the Tetons, or thru-hiking from the Loj to Canada. We want you to push your boundaries.

Read more about Lily and the fund here.

To make this fund a reality, we need to raise $30,000. That’s the minimum to establish an endowed fund—but once it’s raised, the fund can run in perpetuity off the annual return from the endowment, without needing more donations.

Please consider donating whatever you can, and spread the word. To stay updated, sign up here.

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VICEfest 2015 a Success!

Thanks to everyone who attended, ran, and sponsored VICEfest 2015!

Read about it in the Tufts Daily or watch this slideshow by Ari Schneider and Josh Berl:


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are online. Because the world is conspiring against us.


Remember, caretaking is a responsibility. This form is easy and quick to fill out, but you still need to be at the Loj in person if you sign up! The Loj Director will email you with a confirmation of your dates.

Only sign up if you’re caretaker certified! If you want to get certified, contact the Loj Director.

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Looking for Spring 2015 Group Reservations?


Unfortunately, Spring 2015 is totally booked for groups. Definitely email the Loj Director with your first choice of dates, and she’ll put you on the waitlist.

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The Loj is OPEN this January!

But SIGN UP FIRST since there are 82375928 people who want to go outside.

The Loj has been EXTREMELY CROWDED over past breaks, so we have advance signups for spots in bunks this year.

    • You are only guaranteed a place to sleep at the Loj if you are one of the first 46 to sign up for each day.
    • We don’t like limiting Loj access either, but everybody loves loj too much. Violating fire codes is unsafe (and uncomfortable).

After you sign up in the excel sheet, please PREPAY FOR YOUR LOJ STAY. Please pay for the maximum number of days you think you will stay at the Loj (yay for newly discounted TMC-member-food-eating-over-3-night-staying Loj rates). Refunds are easy to complete in the event that you change your mind and end your Loj stay early.

In case you missed the 3 links above, this is the google sheet you should use to sign up. Contact the Loj Director with further questions.

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Satisfy your online-shopping craving with TMC Mountain Hardwear fleeces, shirts, tanks and throwbacks from the comfort of your Tisch cubicle.

Inventory is extremely limited, so order quickly if you want one.

The new Store & Prodeals Page: tuftsmountainclub.org/deals/store

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TMC EXECUTIVE BOARD ELECTIONS & Pass the Torch Weekend Sign Ups!! Tues, Dec. 2nd, 9pm, Cabot.

Helloooooo mountain folk! It’s that time of year; party busses, corsages, awkward photo shoots, you name it. Happy PROM!!!

More importantly, the time is upon us to exercise our democracy and decide upon the fate of our wonderful club: TMC Exec board elections!

In addition, this evening will feature vice fest and pass the torch weekend sign ups!!!

Come to Cabot Auditorium at 9pm on Tuesday Dec. 2nd dressed in your best prom attire. There may even be crowning of prom king and queen for the best dressed.

More importantly, *****BRING YOUR PHONE******* in order to vote via our texting system!!

Why you should come to this meeting:
1. PROM is the night of yer lyfe
2. Exercise your right to vote, be involved with the club
3. Sign up for VICE FEST ice climbing festival! (filled up in four hours last year)

Elections will be run by former VP Mel Melick!


****IF you are interested in running for a position:
Meet with the current board member in your position:

Fill out this election survey:


And come to elections with a 1 minute speech to voters!

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1563919633823204/

TMC Elections

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