October 5th Weekly

This weekend is Peak Weekend! Please do not go up to the Loj without talking to our lovely coordinators, Brian and Anna! Email them with any questions or concerns.

The world isn’t frozen yet! Go hike and paddle and climb while you can!! Check the trips board for trips going out, or post your own and go outside!!!!

AUTUMNFEST IS FRIDAY OCTOBER 23rd! Look out for more details coming soon. If you’d be interested in coordinating the event, please email events@tuftsmountainclub.org!!!!!!!!!

The stove works now, and we have a fume hood!!! In theory!!! At long last, we can cook inside again!

These are most of the happenings this week!

Did you know that the Peregrine Falcon can reach 200 mph during its dive? Now you do!

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*** Sign up by MIDNIGHT on FRIDAY the SECOND of OCTOBER (that’s today)***

Solo sign up here <– Use if you would like to be assigned a group and ride and make NEW friends

Group sign up here <– Use if you already have a group and car

*** questions/comments/concerns –> peakweekend.blogspot.com or peakweekend@gmail.com ***

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Peak Weekend is coming up!

Come to the Peak Weekend GIM this Thursday at 9pm in Barnum 008 if you want to come to Peak weekend!

Come on out to Barnum 104 this Thursday, Oct. 1, at 9 PM to hear about how you can join TMC in conquering all 48 4000 ft. peaks in the White Mountains of New Hampshire! Every year, TMC hosts Peak Weekend to get tons of students into the mountains – our goal is to get at least one Tufts student on the summit the 48 tallest peaks in New Hampshire!

On Thursday we’ll be going over the signup process and some logistics for the weekend. There’s a lot of information we’d love to share with y’all so don’t miss it!

Peak Weekend 2015 will be Saturday, Oct. 10 – Sunday Oct. 11. This is a great opportunity for anyone in the Tufts community, beyond just TMC members, to get out on some beautiful hikes with other wonderfully rad folks before snow consumes New England. Absolutely everybody is welcome and we’d love to see you all there!

For more information, check out the Peak Weekend blog and GIM facebook event!

Contact coordinators Anna Bartlett and Brian Taintor at peakweekend@gmail.com if you have any questions!


This could be you in a couple of weeks……..

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.24.12 AM

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GIM and Activities Fair – Wednesday 9/15

Come see TMC-ers in person!

Activities fair on the Res Quad from 5pm-7pm!

–> Get more information, talk to club members, and check out some TMC gear.

Returning members meeting 8:30pm in Pearson 104!

–> Caretaker signups and BRAND NEW Trip leadership system information :D


–> Presentation of information about the club, how to sign up and get outside. Newcomer’s Weekend initial sign ups at the end of the meeting.

Become a member or renew membership this week.


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Become a Tufts Mountain Club member for 2015-2016!

It’s that time of the year: pay your membership for the 2015-2016 school year! New members can register for a $15 membership fee and returning members must renew their membership for $10 to access the following amazing things:

*Discounted Loj rates
*Free TMC gear rental
*Ability to use our trips board and vans to connect with people and learn skills in the outdoors
*A subscription to our e-list and weekly newsletter, where you can find information about upcoming events and trips
*Opportunities to receive discounts on gear, certifications, and other outdoor organizations
*An awesome community of people who love being outside as much as you do!
(Emails to returning members will end on Monday, September 21)
Your membership fees fund everything we offer as a club. With no direct financial support from Tufts, membership fees alone cover the cost of gear, van repairs, certification discounts, Loj operations, speakers, on-campus events, and everything else we do. We appreciate your support so much!
For more information:
Membership info
New member registration
Renewing membership
Adjusting your account info and personal email preferences

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Loj Group Reservations Up!

The Fall 2015 reservations are now available! Fill out the doodle form with your preferred date, and IMMEDIATELY after provide more information in the google form. Our group policy has changed, so be sure to read through it and email the Loj Director with questions!

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Freshmen Orientation Events!

Hello Freshmen!

Interested in joining the Tufts Mountain Club? Looking for an awesome way to get outside and make new friends during Orientation Week? Enjoy biking, hiking or swimming? If any of these things apply, you’ve come to the right place! There is a “Bike and Hike” event on Sunday 9/6 from 10am-12pm and a “Bike and Swim” event on Monday 9/7 from 10am-12pm. Sign up here! We can’t wait to see you there!


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Loj CLOSED August 20th through September 1st

Hello Friends!

The Loj will be CLOSED from August 20th to September 1st, as Tufts Wilderness Orientation will be using it for training and as a home base while trips are out. Please feel free to stop by before or after, but the Loj will be jam packed during those two weeks!


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TMC Summer 2015

Hello Tufts Mountain Club members all over the world,

 Exams are on their way and people are lounging on the prez lawn, so only one thing could be happening… summer is coming! And summer is a great opportunity to get outside. Our resources are still available to members over the summer, but there are a few changes in our operations. Please review the following policies so you know how to stay in touch with TMC over the summer.



Because we don’t want to spam all of the people leaving New England for the summer, we have a separate summer e-list! To stay in the loop about all summer activities, you must join the TMC summer google group. This will be used by anyone who is around over the summer and wants to grab friends to go on an outing.

Anyone can post in the google group! Notify the group whenever you plan to go to the Loj or use the vans. This e-list will also get notifications from our formal activities and van reservation system. If you are a caretaker and plan to open the Loj, you can post a trip in the “general” category on the activities page. If you reserve a van through the page, you must get in touch with the keyholders as stipulated below.



Beetlejuice keys will be with Iris Levine (615-390-2837) at 3 Capen, Medford, and the van will be parked in Carmichael lot. Dr. Doom keys will be with Luke Burkhalter (615-962-4694) at 139 College Ave, Somerville, and the van will be parked at Aidekman Arts Center. If you want to use a van, make a reservation on the website and then contact those people directly to use the vans and reserve the keys.

Gas will not be reimbursed over the summer. Drivers will fill up the gas tank of the vans at the end of their trip, so they pay for the amount of gas they used and the vans are always full. Even if you just go to Metro or the Fells, swing by Titan Gas or the Medford Mobil before returning the vans to you replace what you used. This ensures that the vans don’t run out of gas and no one gets burned and has to pay for a full tank when they only went a short distance; please show courtesy to all van users.

You will only be allowed to use a van if you are van certified! Make sure you do this before school lets out. You may only use the van to go on trips; van use for personal errands will not be tolerated.



All Loj rules still apply over break (no shoes, no hard alcohol, quiet hours, etc). However, there are some changes to policies: The caretaker schedule will be determined as caretakers are available, not ahead of time. Caretakers may go on trips, but they will be reachable. There will not be food stocked at the Loj. The Loj is free!

If you want to go to the Loj, look out for a post on the trips board or in the summer google group that a caretaker will open the Loj. Contact the caretaker and make sure there is room for you at the Loj.

Some notes for caretakers:

If you are caretaker certified, you can go up to the Loj as you please. Let the Loj Director Cat (704-654-0008) know if you plan to open the Loj. She will send you detailed summer Loj procedures. Then post that the Loj will be open using the “general” category on the trips board or by directly posting in the summer google group. Make sure to lock up when you leave and put the key back in the key box. Lock the Loj during the day if no one will be there, and leave your phone number on the door so guests can get in touch if needed. You are still responsible for facilitating cleaning, including recycling! You are also responsible for following emergency response protocols and communicating with Cat, Christa (TMC Advisor), and the Tufts administration as needed.



Trips organized using Tufts Mountain Club over the summer must be consistent with our trip policies during the school year. Abide by all normal planning procedures: plan a route ahead of time, bring the 10 essentials, and get emergency contact information for your group. If you go on trips from the Loj during the summer, you should fill out a trips form AND leave an expected return time and emergency instructions with someone who will not be at the Loj. Caretakers may be on trips and unavailable to fill immediate emergency response needs.



Our gear director, Wilson, will not be on campus for the summer, so the gear room will be closed. If you would like to borrow any gear for the whole summer, please contact him now to discuss an agreement and appropriate collateral.


Go outside,

<3 Charlotte


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TMC Presents: Allison Nadler



Allison Nadler is coming Tuesday, April 21st at 8pm to tell us about her amazing experiences with ultralite backpacking and thru-hiking the John Muir Trail. If you plan to spend some of your free time hiking or backpacking this summer, come check this out! She will host a Q&A session afterwards if you want to hear advice about planning summer trips (she’s also hiked the 48 4,000-footers in New Hampshire a bunch of times) or want to know what gear to get for your future summer backpacking trip.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/521811131301705/

Check out her website: http://trailtosummit.com/

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