I don’t have time to go to the Loj, can I be involved?

YES! TMC runs local hiking trips, climbing in the gym & outside, on-campus events, skill clinics, local paddling, Malden program, and SO MUCH MORE.

Do I have to go to Newcomer’s Weekend/Pass the Torch Weekend/etc. to do TMC?

Newcomer’s and Pass the Torch are just singe weekends. You can go on trips and to the Loj any time you want! Past involvement should never determine future involvement in TMC. Any time is a good time to go on your first trip or learn a new skill.

I didn’t do Tufts Wilderness Orientation, can I be involved?

TMC and Wilderness are separate groups! Though both are full of people who love the outdoors, so naturally there is some population crossover, Tufts Mountain Club is a completely different organization with different goals.

I’ve never been hiking/climbing/kayaking before, where do I begin?

We run beginner-friendly trips for all activities and host skill sessions on campus. Sign up for anything on the trips board with a beginner experience level. The majority of club members had minimal experience in these activities before they came to Tufts. Try something new!

I have a fair bit of hiking/climbing/kayaking experience; how can I advance my skills?

We also run advanced trips in all programs. Reach out to a technical director or anyone in the trip leader database if you want to set up some time to learn more advanced skills. We also encourage you to teach beginners what you know.

Why does TMC charge a membership fee?

TMC does not receive any funding from TCU. We rely on member contributions and Loj payments to pay for gear, gas, van repairs, subsidized certifications, Loj groceries, operating costs, and everything else that we do. We appreciate your financial support immensely.

What do I do next?

Sign up as a TMC memberSign up for trips. Come to events. Go to the Loj anytime a caretaker is present. Reach out to other members if you want to learn more or do more than we already offer!