Climbing Program


Hey all you primates, here is how to get your climb on!

Upcoming Trips & Clinics are posted on the TMC Trips Page!

Belay Clinics: New to climbing? We run belay clinics for folks new to climbing. Belay clinics are free and generally are held on campus.

Climbing Team: Interested in a training-oriented approach to climbing? The Tufts Climbing Team practices together at MetroRock twice a week and members train individually, well, as much as they can. No experience is required to join and new members are welcomed (Seriously! There is a beginner team and an advanced team that practices each week).

Van Rides to Metrorock: the van leaves from Dowling Hall 1st floor. Trip information can vary from ride to ride so be sure to check the Trips Page. Please try to be there 5 – 10 minutes early. There are generally upperclassmen going as well, these rides should also be posted on the trips page.  We love squeezing people in, but please contact the driver or sign-up for the trip before showing up expecting a seat.

TMC Outdoor Climbing Trips: We LOVE climbing outside! Watch out for these on the Trips Page. When you see one go up, sign-up right away to snag a spot.


Questions? Suggestions? Please contact our Climbing Director, Izzy .