old Loj shed mural - anyone know what era this was from or who designed this logo?

old Loj shed mural painted by Sean McCloy in 1994

TMC welcomes alumni to be club members and continue sharing skills.  TMC members, no matter their age, are folks worth knowing.  So you graduated…so what?  That doesn’t mean you’ve given up hiking, climbing, boating, skiing, making nachos, or general shenanniganery.  Maybe you can even teach the young whippersnappers a thing or two.

Involving TMC alumni helps:

  • Connect alumni with each other – for fun, for partners in adventure, for couches to sleep on, for professional networking, etc.
  • Connect alumni with TMC, benefiting both parties – alumni access to Loj and events, support club initiatives, share skills, professional networking, etc.
  • Preserve club history – by sharing stories and photos, reminding us where traditions came from, advocating for structures that maintain the club

We highly encourage you to sign up for a membership!  CLICK HERE. Signing up supports TMC and will keep you in the loop with alumni news and club updates. If you are interested in reaching out to our alumni network via email, contact the president with the information you would like to send out.

Use the Loj and lead trips! CLICK HERE to see what trips are coming up.  Contact the president to discuss leading trips or sharing technical skills knowledge with current students and/or alumni.

Do share old stories and photos. Send photos and stories to our historian. The historian will happily work with you to share and store content!



Above: Photos from Ken Jacobson taken between 1953 and 1957.  He says ” You can see a lot of hearses in the pictures that was a popular mode of transportation among the outing clubs in the 1950s old ones were cheap, just clear out the back and put mattresses down, a rolling bed on wheels, great way to travel. On a personal note there is a wrecked hearse in a picture, on Halloween night 1956 a group of us including my girl friend and roommate drove off the the lead mine, a interesting cave nearby. On the way home we went off the road and rolled over, no one hurt. Several cars came to take us back to the lodge, my girl friend and roommate ended up in the same car, got acquainted started dating and have been married 20 years, we still get  together. The girl in the cave next to the icicle is my wife of 50 years.”

Above: Photos from the Tufts Digital Archive