Aqua Director

14859889_649682498543746_587521279561141196_oAnna grew up somewhere on the other side of an ocean, amidst some beautiful mountains and rivers. Unfortunately, she didn’t learn just how much she loved being in the mountains and rivers till she left her home to live beside the mighty Rio Grande in northern New Mexico. Now she can’t keep herself away from rivers and hopes to share as much water-time as possible with the beautiful souls of TMC! Talk to her about anything to do with water, but also if you want to chat about bicycles, Mary Oliver, computer science, accordions, or if you’d like to share any stories, because Anna loves listening to stories.

Ways of getting in touch with Anna: or 419-612-8092 or come to her office hours Thursdays 2-3pm at the TMC office in Harleston Hall!

Cheers, and get wet!