Aqua Director


Emma on the Rogue River, circa 2002.

Emma was born in a hospital. Does it matter where? It wasn’t a water birth. But sometimes she feels like it should have been. After she was born, her parents became increasingly frustrated that they could no longer go on whitewater kayaking trips, as they did when they were young love birds. As soon as she turned 7, they whisked her off to the Rogue River in Oregon, got in their polypro and dumped her on a raft. With a wave to their tantruming 7-year old, they called to the seasoned guides, “She likes red vines. Best of luck!” Now she is a guide herself, dealing with other people’s children as they adjust to uncomfortable life jackets, new insects, and higher temperature ranges. At Tufts, she reads things and has conversations that are vaguely academic. She finally gave into her father’s incessant desire for her to become a kayaker. So, now she likes being in smaller boats too. Contact her if you like boats, water things, whipped-cream fights, Miyazaki films, [insert other “quirky” talent that makes her sound low-key, but interesting; cool, but not self-absorbed;  self-aware, but not insecure]. Or don’t. But know that this winter she looks forward to kayak water polo, rolling sessions (fingers crossed), kayak sledding (?), using the raft as a hot tub, freaking out about being a super senior next fall, and scribbling things in journals about all of the above.