Events Coordinator


Dropping in and smacking the lip all the way from Orinda, California, Zack Mintz is a second-year student who was born to rumble (and has been ever since). Having grown up with, on, and in between peaks, he has developed a keen sense of tact when it comes to roots, routes, and the like; yes, mountain administration, his pride and joy. When homebound, you can find Zack writing (who knows what), back-pocketing bananas for class only to sit on them minutes later, and/or slicing his poor fingertips on worn guitar strings that he refuses to fix out of nostalgia, not negligence. On campus, Zack cashes out on the club basketball team, click-clacks on his laptop until it regurgitates a biannual literary magazine (Future Histories), and is a Green Dot ambassador. He’s thrilled to be Events Coordinator and has much in store…reach him for whatever at or 925-255-6283.

Office Hours: Tuesday 5:00-6:00 pm