Community Director

8202_941268802632107_892605047335092862_nNola Jenkins is very very excited to bring the larger Tufts community together with the TMC community. She plans to coordinate tons of events on and around campus to get everyone outside. Nola’s been going outside, hiking, skiing, kayaking, etc her entire life predominantly in the Adirondacks and was introduced to the Whites last year. The Whites are a big part of TMC for a lot of people, but she’s looking forward to bringing the same outdoor spirit that you can find up there right to our campus.

Things to know about Nola: her favorite punctuation is a slash, her favorite movie is Shrek, her favorite snack is popcorn, and she refers to 99% of the people she knows as her best friend.

Feel free to text/email her about TMC, events, dad jokes, or becoming best friends… (914) 441 8010.