Vice President


Sam Collins is a true west ~coaster~, cali gal who grew up shreddin the gnar at Mammoth Mountain, trail running in the Sherwins, and backpacking on the JMT– and she’s super excited to bring her passion for the outdoors and practical knowledge of risk management practices to the Vice President role in the Tufts Mountain Club space!

While not going on and on and on about how much she LOVES math (don’t even get her started on computing principle components for data matrices!), she loves, loves, loves, skiing and drinking coffee and backpacking and trail running and listening to grateful dead songs and drinking coffee and talking about wilderness medical scenarios and dancing in the sunshine daydream!

In particular, Sam is focusing this winter season (cuz *surprise* she’ll be going abroad to New Zealand in the Fall for a second ski season!!) by supporting the Technical Directors and the President to enact changes that enable more beginners to have access to the outdoors!

Sam can be found anywhere where there’s even a slight inclination of snow, Bromfield-Pearson, the Rez (did I mention she loves coffee? PS, ask about her favorite ~secret~ menu item!), Tisch, 17 Chet (so come hang out with her!), and/or the Loj. She’s super friendly, and I hear that she’ll lead you on a trip or invite you to **dad office hours** if you reached out to her! She’s also super knowledgeable about everything TMC— so don’t hesitate to contact her at either or (626) 660-5824.


Office Hours: Monday 3:00-4:00 pm