Vice President

IMG_6945Julia Depp is from about two hours east of the largest remaining contiguous tallgrass prairie in the world and has seen bison in the wild before (a thrill indeed!). She believes that what her hometown, Kansas City, MO, lacks in elevation changes and natural splendor (except for the prairie, of course), it makes up for in barbecue, which, despite her vegetarianism, she appreciates as an art.

Julia is a Computer Science major and Physics minor with a love of spending time outside, whether it’s a nap on the Prez Lawn or a hike in the White Mountains. Her desired spirit animal is a mountain goat because they’re cute yet badass. Julia is so excited to work to make TMC a place where those who feel excluded from TMC or the outdoor community feel at home.

Feel free to contact her via phone ((609) 610-2885), email (, or sky-writing (if you write your message anywhere above the Medford/Somerville campus she will probably see it..). Her motto as VP of TMC is that going outside is for everyone, and her goal is be sure that her actions reflect this!