Hiking Director

Eliot Stein (‘21) is the Hiking Director.  Hailing from New York, Eliot has been hiking for as long as he has been walking.  He developed a passion for all things outside through his 20 plus visits to Wyoming and the Tetons.  In addition to hiking, he loves skiing and biking, and he recently has picked up climbing as well. When not adventuring, Eliot enjoys baking, photography, and will take on anybody in Mario Kart (Double Dash or Wii, of course) or bananagrams. Eliot cannot wait to get to know more outdoors-minded Tufts students and is super excited to help get as many people as possible out on trail.  If you have any hiking or TMC-related questions, you can reach Eliot at eliot.stein@tufts.edu or (914) 712-5906!

Office Hours: Monday 3:00-4:00 pm