Maxx Grossman is beyond excited to be your president for this year. Maxx loves all things out of doors whether it is walking along the shores of long island in her hometown in Connecticut or hiking and camping out west. Exploring the White Mountains, whether it be hiking, skiing or strolling along the Pemi, has been a new and incredible adventure for Maxx. However, Maxx is looking forward to exploring the outdoor adventures a little closer to home.

A little more about Maxx, who really does not enjoy talking in the third person.

                                                                Fav Foods:

Maxx's First Trip to the Whites

Maxx’s First Trip to the Whites

 Brussel Sprouts, Sushi, Pie, Carrot

Fav Childhood Movie:

       The Scooby Doo Movie —> Maxx can literally quote every line of             this movie

Fav Local Outdoor Spot:

     The Prez Lawn at the end of fall when all the leave are on the    ground, or Mystic River

Fav Book:

    Because of Winne Dixie or Poisinwood Bible

 Weird Fact:

 Maxx LOVES crashing weddings. She has crashed 9 weddings in her                                                                      lifetime if you are every interested in crashing a wedding or talking about crashing weddings please hit Maxx  up)                                                   

Maxx owes much of her general happiness and appreciation of peanut butter to TMC. She wants to give everything to a club that has given so much to her and plans to work hard to move TMC in a direction that allows outside to be more accessible. She wants to hear any and every idea, feeling, or question you may have.

Please call Maxx or beep Maxx on her email ( or on her phone (203) 561-1918 anytime you wish with questions, ideas or pie preference (pecan duh)

Let’s Change the Meaning of Going Outside!