alibAli Brodeur, who’s that?!?  Why it’s the President of TMC!  A Junior at Tufts hailing from the Bay State, she’s studying Environmental Studies and how we raise children to make them rad adventurers.  Going outside?  She does it all!  Hiking? Yeah.  Kayaking? How else would you spend a weekend?  Rock climbing?  You’d best believe it!  Ice climbing?  No one loves self-torture as much as this gal!  Flipping over her handlebars in an awe-inspiring display of aerobatic prowess?  OH YEAH!  Hammocking?  Why, she’s the most hardcore hammocker out there, her fancy-shmancy knots allow her to truly utilize all hammock space on campus!

Overall Ali is just an adventurer who loves the outdoors and has a passion for sharing it.  She is honored to serve as President of TMC and is very excited to make sure this club continues its mission of accessibility, education, and going outside!  She can be contacted at  The best method to reach her though is a carrier pigeon to one of her loyal board members who will then sprint at break neck speeds and hand deliver the message.