Student Outreach

Faith A Ocitti is a current sophomore who doesn’t quite know how she feels about talking about herself in third person.

Quick Faith facts:

  • I grew up in Botswana (aka the most magical place on earth).
  • I use s’s instead of z’s (i.e. organisation) and I never forget the u’s (it’s colour, not “color”).
  • I have an ever expanding vocabulary of non-word words.
  • Mostly, I love chatting with people. Seriously, come talk to me!

Quick student outreach person fact:

I’m here for you if you need anything. To prove it, here is a tiny subset of thing you could reach out to me about:

  • Getting connected to resources – TMC has dope resources from financial aid to gear lending
  • Reaching out to a community TMC isn’t showing enough love – I’m all about love and TMC has lots of it
  • Ideas about how to make the club more accessible – Lay it on me and let’s make it happen
  • Being added to a super top secret weekly email chain of dog pictures – I know a guy

Basically, if you want to be heard, I want to listen.

Email me if you need anything/have questions/want to chat.

(Office hour hours coming soon…)