IMG_1122Darcy Hinck hails from Portland, Maine. The first paid job she had was when she was seven she would walk around knocking on random houses. When people would answer, she would ask if they had a dog, and if so would they like said dog walked? She still regrets leaving such a blissful profession.

Going outside, with or without dogs, has always been a major source of happiness for her and she wants to enable anyone and everyone to share in this joy. Whether it’s climbing, hiking, skiing, rafting or strolling through the Fells, TMC has funds to help you get outdoors! And Darcy is always looking for an adventure if you want to tote someone along.
You can reach Darcy at or 207-409-3151. She will take all your questions about money, finances, tomfoolery, which Portland is the original, and where to adopt a pup, but especially encourages reaching out if you have concerns about the cost of TMC and going outside.