Van Director

Rachel ‘Van’ (pronounced ‘Von’) Tigges

map2017 Van Director

Unlike most children of her day, Rachel was not driven around in a trendy minivan as a child, as her parents preferred their early-2000s Honda Pilot. Since then, Rachel has found plentiful alternative modes of transportation everywhere she has gone, including horses, bikes, skis, surfboards, airplanes, and even her own two legs! That said, “Van” Tigges strives every day to learn the beautiful and mysterious ways of the elusive TMC vans, Beetlejuice and Dr. Doom.

You can find Rachel doing today’s crossword puzzle, shredding the gnar (gnar being anywhere from 2-foot waves to the sidewalk in front of Carm to the Arkansas River), reading Arabic poetry, laying in fields of grass, visiting her incredible blue-haired granny, driving vans, or just chilling! Suh dude!

Feel free to reach out if you find yourself with any van-related questions, non-van-related questions, or if you just want to chat!

To find out more about the TMC Vans and how to use them, click here or hit up Rachel at or (845)-392-8321