Owen Martin, Webmaster

Owen Martin is a junior majoring in Computer Science and dabbling in pre-medical studies. He’s a Colorado native who grew up hiking, camping, stargazing, and getting muddy, so naturally the Tufts Mountain Club was the first group he joined on campus. The White Mountains have not disappointed, and you can often find Owen between the hours of 1:00 and 9:00 in the morning on the side of a peak, giggling profusely and encouraging all his friends to “never sleep, just hike” like the fool that he is. Contact him regarding the website, to gush about your favorite bird species, or  if you have any kind of cool TMC-related project where you could use some coding skillz.



Wow! Ropes! And Josh Berl!

Josh Berl, Webmaster

What do trees think about? Why are there two peanuts in peanut shells? What is that smell? These are all things that Josh thinks about every day.

Josh “Berl” Berl is a junior who is studying Computers and Science at Tufts University. He is not partial to coconut, and he enjoys touching the paintings and sculptures in the MFA. He hails from Piedmont (a suburb of Oakland (a suburb of San Francisco)) in California and is still adjusting to the cruel malfeasances of New England winter (and summer). He likes to go on adventures (climbing, hiking, camping, skiing, gentle paddling, space travel). If you want to know what he is thinking about at any time, or ask him what a certain type of tree feels like, email him or something like that.