Pass The Torch Weekend

Sign ups for Pass the Torch Weekend will occur at our annual TMC Elections/Prom meeting during the last full week of classes.

Pass the Torch Weekend, affectionately known as Caretaker Training Weekend, is a major turning point in the year. Not only does the old Exec board figuratively hand over their duties, but the future of TMC is cultivated in the form of newly trained Caretakers.

In addition, Pass the Torch Weekend also includes Trip Leader Training, in which the new TMC members and Caretakers will learn the skills necessary to lead awesome trips of all kinds through TMC. Safety, first aid, navigation, and preparation will be included in the curriculum.

Friday night, everyone arrives to the Loj and plans a mock trip, beginning the process of trip leader training.

Saturday morning, upperclassmen train new caretakers in the ways of the Loj. Trainees undergo a gauntlet of rigorous tests and examinations such as scrubbing a toilet while hanging upside down from the ceiling. If they pass, they become a caretaker. Just kidding; everyone learns and hangs out and it is great fun. The afternoon is spent engaging in friendly competitions to prove your mettle. Saturday night is the Passing the Torch Ceremony, held around the fire pit outside.

Sunday is spent doing an in-depth trip leadership training session, with rotating stations of hands-on activities involving everything from setting a bearing to using an emergency bivy. The afternoon is spent doing an exhaustive and complete Loj cleaning and upgrading – for there is no better way to learn how to take care of something than by doing it yourself!

For those that are signed up this year- get ready for the weekend of a lifetime, and for those that can’t make it- sign up next year!! This weekend is open to any TMC member from any year.

Lily Glidden (Prez 2010), Joshua Elliott (Prez 2011) and Orli Gottlieb (Prez 2012) Passing the Torch in January 2012