Loj Thanksgiving is an annual celebration held in January/February in memory of Loj #1, which burned down in 1962 and to celebrate the club. (Thankfully, no one was injured in the fire. To learn more, read the Loj History.) Naturally, we celebrate with a massive Thanksgiving dinner complete with 30+ lbs. of potatoes and multiple turkeys as well as a tofurkey. Thanksgiving is one of TMC’s biggest events at the Loj, attracting more than 100 members annually.


Many skiing, climbing, and hiking trips take place on Saturday, followed by the massive Thanksgiving feast on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday, there is a barbeque and the annual Cross-Country Ski Race, which started in 1983.

Past winners:

2009: Lily Glidden
2011: Ben Helm


Thanksgiving is typically accompanied by a Loj related theme.

Past themes:

2010: Loj Rednecks

2011: Disco Fever

2013: The W(h)ig Party

2016: Lumber-sexual Aliens on the Beach


Typical Schedule


Ongoing – People arrive at the Loj, nachos are cooked

10:00 pm – Costume Contest



Ongoing – Lots of trips (hiking, snow shoeing, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, Loj snuggling), games and cooking at the Loj

5:30 pm – Thanksgiving feast!


10:30 am – Annual XC Ski Race

12:00 pm – Barbeque!

12:15 pm – Ribbon Ceremony for XC Ski Race winners