Emergency Protocols


Always carry the ten essentials. Only attempt trips for which you have appropriate gear and experience. Leave a route plan and participant information on a trips form with the Loj caretakers. Bring a charged cell phone, but note that it may not work in all situations. Turn back if complications arise.

How to respond:

Evaluate: Minor –> you can and will get yourself out. Severe –> can’t get group/victim to safety without help (off trail, dangerous conditions, major injury, lost, etc.)

Plan: What help do you need to get to safety?

Communicate: Minor –> call Loj (603) 745-2123 if able. Severe –> call 911, ask them to notify Loj. Make a plan for next communication. Severe and no service? Try to call 911 anyway. Send a pair to higher ground to call for help; avoid leaving anyone alone.

Survive: Priorities –> 1. Shelter 2. Water 3. Food 4. Fire. Stay together, where others expect you, or where you can be seen. Wear or display bright colors. Blow whistle at regular intervals. Eat, drink, and layer up. Use good sense, don’t put group in more danger. Stay positive but respect your limits.

After an emergency: Record incident with a verbal or written narrative and give to an executive board member. Call TUPD non-emergency number to notify them of the situation (617) 627-3030.

Pick up an emergency card from the Loj
Basic medical chart:

Handling emergencies from the Loj:

1. Create an action plan as the freak out time approaches.

2. Write everything down as events occur.

3. Give appropriate support and contact relevant parties as detailed below.