The Van

Van Certification

You must complete the following certification process to be able to drive the van:

1)      Submit your driver’s license information to “The Fleet Manager” Andrea Breault at for a motor vehicle background check and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the University Fleet Policy.

Criteria for approval: 18 years or older, two or more years of driving experience, no violations (suspended license, DUI, DWI, or drug-related driving violation). Vehicle background checks are conducted once a year and the fleet manager will notify you when a renewal is needed.

2)      After background is approved, take the S2 online test. Upon completion send your certificate of completion to Rachel the Vans Director ( and Andrea Brault for final approval to take out the vans!

3)      After this is done, or if you have any questions, email the Van Director  ( to be approved for van reservation on the TMC website.

 See here for more info

Our van is like this. Except with awesome decals.

Frequently Asked Questions That Have Never Been Asked

I did something that generated trash in the van! Should I leave it there???

  • Although it is a common misconception that the vans are a great place to throw away your trash, they are in fact not dumpsters.
  • The vans are an incredible resource, lets work together to keep them clean!

I got a parking ticket / pulled over. Now what?

  • The registration is inside a manila envelope if you get pulled over
  • On campus, you may only park in Dowling Parking garage! There are pass cards in the vans so you don’t have to pay for parking.
  • In case of a parking ticket, notify the Van Director immediately
  • In almost all cases, the driver of the vehicle at the time of any citation is responsible for all fines!

Where’s the best place to get gas? Who pays for gas?

  • Gas purchases are not restricted to any one station or brand of gasoline
  • While prices are pretty equal in the Tufts area, they are NOT in New Hampshire
    • Gas stations in New Hampshire near ski areas may charge up to 40 cents more per gallon than other areas during the winter
    • Do not buy gas for the van in Lincoln, NH during ski season!
    • In New Hampshire, the Mobil station across the street from the Tilt’n Diner in Tilton, NH (Exit 20 on interstate 93) seems to have fair prices.
  • It’s 10 dollars flat for everyone to ride in the van to a far away location (Loj, not Metrorock)

From whom do I get the keys for the van?

  • Van keys are stored in Dowling at TUPD Dispatch (the bottom floor of the parking garage). When you reserve the van and your reservation is approved, go there before your trip and ask for the TMC van keys.
  • The vans should be in the Dowling Garage
  • When you get back, leave the van in the Garage. The Garage runs on a plate recognition system so just pull in front of the gate and it should open! If it doesn’t, press the button that says “permit holder” and type in your license plate number.
  • Bring the keys back to dispatch ASAP, before the next van reservation!

What if something unforeseen happens, like an accident?

  • Immediately call 911! Making sure everyone is safe is the first priority
  • Once safety has been established, notify the Van Director Rachel at 845-392-8321
    • If not available, contact David Slater at Tufts Risk Management at 617-627-3981