How Lily’s Fund Works

The Lily Glidden Adventure Grant encourages all TMC members to seek outdoor adventure by partially funding imaginative trips in order to make them financially attainable.

The grant’s purpose is to make more ambitious outdoor adventures possible, but adventure is relative to the applicants’ experience. Trips of all types and objective difficulties, from applicants with any level of involvement with the TMC, are considered equally, so long as they represent applicants challenging themselves to bring their outdoors experience to new levels, and developing knowledge that will be beneficial to bring back to the TMC community.

The grant is open to all TMC members, who may apply as individuals or groups with written proposals detailing trip plan and motivation, budget, and risk assessment. The proposals are evaluated by a board of TMC members who serve two years, one as undergraduate seniors and the second as alumni. This board also consults with Tufts administrators (the TMC Board of Directors), including Risk Management, prior to their decisions. The amount of funding granted, and the number of trips funded, is dependent on the available funds from the endowment that year, and the budgets of that year’s applicants.

Grant recipients are expected to document their trips in writing, photos, or video, and give back the experience they have gained by teaching and leading trips through the TMC. Additionally, recipients will present about their trip (including the process of planning the trip and using the grant) at an annual event held for the entire Tufts community, including alumni.


Applications are due to the grant board by the 2rd Friday in October, and should contain this information:

  • Participants: who are you (all), and what relevant technical and leadership experience do you have?
  • Trip Plan: where are you going, what are you doing, when, how long, why?
  • Risk Assessment and Management: what are the objective and human risks, and how will you manage them?
  • Motivation: why are you stoked for this trip? What will this trip bring back to the TMC community? Why is the reward worth the risk?
  • Budget: itemized breakdown of expenses. What are you paying for, and what are you asking TMC to pay for?

Ideal applications will have a detailed and thoughtful plan and risk assessment, and represent feasible trips that are both ambitious adventures to the applicants and positive publicity for the TMC.  Creative, “once-in-a-lifetime” trips will generally take preference over trips which could reasonably be accomplished without the TMC’s help, but the objective difficulty and applicants’ prior involvement in TMC are irrelevant. Trips with a range of partial funding options (instead of “all-or-nothing”) are more likely to receive some level of funding.

Applicants will receive feedback from the grant board a week later, and have another week to revise. Final proposals are due the night of TMC Octoberfest, where applicants will also briefly present their proposed trips to the TMC community. Funding decisions will be announced during the following week.