Loj Packing List

(Developed by Colette Midulla for Lojgiving 2016)

Things for the great outdoors!:

This list was developed for winter hiking, and includes a lot of extra layers that may not be necessary for the warmer months; however, temperature changes drastically in the mountains, and conditions at the base may be different than those at the summit. 

For information about exactly what type of layers and gear are best for your particular trip, talk to your trip leader or technical director for the type of trip you are going on! They can also advise as to where to buy/borrow gear and clothing.

* Synthetic base layer (top and bottom)

* Extra, warm, synthetic layers for top (better to have too many than not enough)

* Fleece

* Waterproof top layer (rain jacket, ski jacket)

* Warm layer for bottom (I normally wear fleece pants over my synthetic leggings but you can substitute for whatever you have)

* Waterproof bottom layer (rain pants, snow pants)

* At least 2 pairs of hiking socks (yay wool socks)

* Hiking boots

* Hat

* Gloves

* Balaclava/buff/thing to keep your neck and face warm

* 2 one-liter bottles (for water)

* Headlamp

* Map + Compass (@trip leaders)

* First aid supplies (@trip leaders)

* Backpack (daypack)

Other things:

* Change of clothes (you can determine how much clothing you need based on how clean you want to be/how nice you want to smell- no showers at the Loj!)

* Toiletries

* Sleeping Bag

* Phone/Charger

* Wallet + cash (just in case)