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Affiliated with Tufts University, the Tufts Mountain Club is an organization run by its student members. The club’s activities and its use of the University’s property or the property of others in Woodstock, NH are neither under the University’s control nor direct supervision. The various activities sponsored by Tufts Mountain Club may involve strenuous physical exertion and inherent risks of personal injury. Every student considering participation must weigh these risks and his/her ability to safely take part in the activities. I acknowledge that leaders and co-leaders of activities sponsored by Tufts Mountain Club are volunteers and they are not certified or professional guides. Completion of this form is a prerequisite to use of University facilities and Tufts Mountain Club gear.
I understand the risks inherent in the activities of the Tufts Mountain Club and the risks presented to my health and well being. I attest that I am physically fit and sufficiently trained to participate in Tufts Mountain Club activities. The risks of participation are acceptable to me and are outweighed by my desire to be involved. In consideration for Tufts University’s allowing my use of University facilities in connection with Tufts Mountain Club activities, I voluntarily assume all risk of participation. I waive all right to make a claim or demand against Tufts University, its trustees, students, volunteers, agents, servants, and employees arising in any manner out of my participation. I release Tufts University, its trustees, students, volunteers, agents, servants, and employees from any and all liability, claims, causes of action, or demands, of any kind or nature whatsoever, arising in any way out of participation in Tufts Mountain Club activities and use of University facilities. I agree to assume full responsibilities for any guest I introduce to Tufts Mountain Club activities and will defend and indemnify the University against any claim arising there from.
Use of Personal Automobiles:
Use of Personal Automobiles: When a student uses a personal vehicle for Tufts Mountain Club sponsored activities, the student or vehicle owner’s personal auto insurance is exclusive and is solely responsible for any and all claims arising out of such use. Tufts does NOT provide insurance coverage or indemnification for any accident or mishap involving students, their passengers, or any third party stemming from the use of privately-owned vehicles, even when they are used in connection with Tufts sponsored programs and activities. The driver (and/or the vehicle owner) of the private vehicle is wholly responsible for any litigation, financial exposure, or other repercussions that may result from its use. Additionally, passengers should realize that they are not covered by any Tufts indemnification program or insurance policy. The safety guidelines contained in Tufts Vehicle Use Policy are to be followed at all times whether you are using a personal or University vehicle for any TMC activity.
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