Office Hours!!

What are office hours?

A consecrated time where board members dedicate time to procrastinating their real work in order to hang out with other TMC folk-kind.

Why are office hours?

Well, my dear friend, they are a chance for you to:

  1. See TMC’s swanky brand spanking new office in Hayes house… Well maybe not “brand spanking” and maybe not necessarily “new”, but it is swanky nonetheless.
  2. Hang out with TMC board. (Well, actually it’s more like we hang out with you because we think u r kewl)
  3. Renew your membership for all TMC perk-age.

When are office hours?

Monday 12-1PM Ali & Max
Monday 3-4PM Rafa & Sam
Tuesday 11-12PM Kaili & Langley & Carol & Mikayla
Tuesday 12-1PM FAith
Tuesday 2- 4PM Aidan Demsky (~~Gear Hours~~)
Wednesday 1:30-2:30 PM Courtland & Josh
Wednesday 6-7PM Shale & Caro
Thursday 10 – 11AM Aidan Demsky (~~Gear Hours~~)
Friday 1-2PM Jonas

Who are office hours?

I will leave that one for you to answer.

As the great Dirty Harry Callahan portrayed by Clint Eastwood said in the 1971 Crime Thriller Dirty Harry: “You’ve gotta ask yourself a question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?”

Well do ya? Let us know in office hours! And bring your friend you goons.


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