Community Discussion Recap


TMC recently hosted a community discussion on cultural and social issues in the club. We were looking to open up a place for people to share their thoughts and also help both the exec board and individual members develop a productive plan to continue improving accessibility in this club. I definitely think it was a productive discussion and the board and I are looking forward to having more of these in the future! In case you weren’t able to make it to this discussion, here’s a brief update on what we talked about and what our plans are moving forward.

  1. The format for this discussion involved splitting up into smaller focus groups to discuss ways that TMC could improve its accessibility. We identified issues in three categories: Specific things that limit accessinto the club and the outdoors, various assumptionsthat might limit people’s experiences in the club and attitudes that might affect how easy it is to be a part of TMC. You can view a summary of the results from this exercise here.
  1. At the end of the meeting, everyone anonymously wrote down on a note card one thing they are planning take away from this conversation to personally help improve the climate of TMC and increase accessibility in the outdoors. There were a lot of really great thoughts! I think they do a good job of summing up the direction we can take moving forward from this discussion. You can read all of them here.
  1. Finally, it is important that the TMC Board shares what we have been doing behind the scenes in our commitment to make the club a more inclusive space:

-We have recently developed the framework for a new board position called the Student Outreach Director. The goal of this position is to have someone who is in charge of outreach to different groups around campus and within TMC in order to promote accessibility in our club. This position will be a full member of the TMC board and will be a liaison between a working group of TMC members and the board. The Student Outreach Director will have the creative freedom to craft the framework for this working group and will be expected to meet with big weekend coordinators and hold check-ins with board members and other TMCers as needed. This position will be dynamic and will require a lot of work to structure it to fit TMC’s needs. Since this is a trial run, we are asking people to apply for the position, instead of running it in the elections. If you’re passionate about making the outdoors accessible and promoting a positive relationship between TMC and the Tufts community, you are encouraged to apply here!

-We also planned on giving people that are running for board some guiding questions for their speeches at elections in order to make running for board welcoming to people of all ability levels in the outdoors. While some technical positions require a little bit of specialized skill, most board positions are perfect for anyone who is willing to dedicate their time to continue and improve the functions of TMC. It’s not just for lifetime outdoorspeople!

-We also want to note that TMC has offered financial aid to those that need help covering the cost of membership. The info is located at the bottom of the membership info page on our website here. However, we admit that we haven’t done the best job of being very transparent about financial aid. In an effort to fix that, we have been developing a robust financial aid plan that will also provide discounted access to the Loj for first-timers that might not be sure whether or not they are interested enough to become TMC members.

We are super excited for these great improvements to get rolling and we do hope they help us continue our goal of getting lots of people out on fun trips! However, we’re only getting started. TMC Board Elections are coming up on December 1st. Anyone who is excited to play a pivotal role in keeping this momentum going and making the outdoors accessible to people should click here for all the info you need to know about running for board. Available positions are:

-Vice President
-Gear Director
-Climbing Director
-Aqua Director
-Hiking Director
-Skiing Director
-Loj Director
-Stewardship Director
-Community Director
-Communications Director
-Van Director(s)
-Student Outreach Director

Don’t worry if you want to get more involved but don’t think you can dedicate your whole year to board. There are always other opportunities to take on leadership roles in TMC. For starters, the application to coordinate Pass the Torch Weekend is open until Friday! All sophomores and juniors are encouraged to apply, even if they didn’t make it to PTTW last year.

You can find the application here.



As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or any other board members with questions or concerns.

Hike on!


Ari Schneider

TMC Prez

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Upcoming TMC Events

We have a couple great community events coming up soon! Mark your calendars!

Sunday, November 13: Winter Meeting in the Page Hall Crane Room at 7PM. Come for winter trip info, VICEfest signup announcement and elections info!

Thursday, December 1: TMC Elections at 9PM in Braker 104. If you’re planning on running for board, you can find all the info you’ll need here. Even if you don’t plan on running, you should still come to elections to vote and sign up for Pass the Torch Weekend (Caretaker Training Weekend) at the end of elections.

Go Outside!

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Come to our first meetings of the Fall semester!

-The New Member GIM will be in Pearson 104 from 8PM-9PM on Thursday, September 15th. Come learn how to get involved with TMC. Be there! Tell your friends! Join the Facebook event here.

-The Fall Returning Member Meeting will be in Pearson 104 from 9PM-10PM on Thursday, September 15th. Come get updated on what’s going on in TMC! We’ll be doing caretaker signups at this meeting, so make sure to come with a few weekends of availability in mind if you want to caretake this Fall. Join the Facebook event here.

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Orientation Week Events for Freshmen!

Join us on Sunday for a 2-mile bike ride to the Middlesex Fells, a local nature preserve, to hike and enjoy the outdoors! Alternatively, meet with us on Monday for a bike ride to nearby Mystic Lake for a midday swim! Bicycles and helmets will be provided by Tufts Bikes; those with their own equipment are also encouraged to join. Pre-registration is required for all participants in both events (even those with their own bicycles). People who need to borrow bikes will be served on a first-come-first-served basis. If we can’t offer you a spot due to a shortage of bikes, no need to fear, The Tufts Mountain Club will have many more events coming soon! Become a member at to get involved!


Go Outside!

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May I take a moment to introduce you to our current reigning caretaker queen, DEANNA BESSY.

Deanna is always volunteering to caretake because she is queen caretaker and has caretaken a million times. She truly cares about the safety and enjoyment of the subjects of the Loj. She always provides all of her information, charges people accordingly, recommends awesome trips and makes sure that the Loj is in tip top shape.


If you think that you are Loj queen or Loj King or whatever the gender neutral word for ruler is then you should sign up to caretake this fall!

Caretaking is an incredible way to give back to TMC and also stay at the Loj for free! Contact Lojmom (aka Alyssa Rivas) if you can caretake for weekends this coming fall.

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Loj Closed August 18-31

Sorry for the inconvenience, but the Loj will be closed August 18-31. Don’t worry, we’ll be open again the first week of September!

Go Outside!

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TMC Summer Policies

Summer Loj means free Loj!! But there are some guiding principles. Summer Loj is free for a few reasons: no caretakers, no food, etc. So please come prepared to feed yourself! If you plan to come up to the Loj, there needs to be a caretaker to open the place. Unlike during the school year, the caretaker can go on trips during the summer. If you’re a caretaker and you’re planning on going up to the Loj, shoot an email to LojMom (Alyssa Rivas) at to let her know when you’ll be staying there. If you want to go up but you’re not a caretaker, email LojMom and she’ll let you know if there will be a caretaker there. Looking for other people that are going up? Try posting in the TMC Facebook Group.

As always please respect the Loj, clean up after yourself and take out the trash and perishables from the refrigerator before you head out. If you have any questions please contact LojMom.

Below are our official summer policies:


The Vans will be parked in Dowling as per usual and the keys can be picked up from TUPD if you have reserved the van. If you want to use a van, make a reservation on the website as per usual.

You will only be allowed to use a van if you are van certified! Make sure you do this before school lets out. You may only use the van to go on trips; van use for personal errands will not be tolerated.


All Loj rules still apply over break (no shoes, no hard alcohol, quiet hours, etc). However, there are some changes to policies: The caretaker schedule will be determined as caretakers are available, not ahead of time. Caretakers may go on trips, but they will be reachable. There will not be food stocked at the Loj. The Loj is free!

If you want to go to the Loj, look out for a post on the trips board or in the Facebook Group that a caretaker will open the Loj. Contact the caretaker and make sure there is room for you at the Loj.

Some notes for caretakers:

If you are caretaker certified, you can go up to the Loj as you please. Let the Loj Director Alyssa know if you plan to open the Loj. She will send you detailed summer Loj procedures. Then post that the Loj will be open using the “general” category on the trips board or in the Facebook Group. Make sure to lock up when you leave and put the key back in the key box. Lock the Loj during the day if no one will be there, and leave your phone number on the door so guests can get in touch if needed. You are still responsible for facilitating cleaning, including recycling! You are also responsible for following emergency response protocols and communicating with Alyssa, Christa (TMC Advisor), and the Tufts administration as needed.


Trips organized using Tufts Mountain Club over the summer must be consistent with our trip policies during the school year. Abide by all normal planning procedures: plan a route ahead of time, bring the 10 essentials, and get emergency contact information for your group. If you go on trips from the Loj during the summer, you should fill out a trips form AND leave an expected return time and emergency instructions with someone who will not be at the Loj. Caretakers may be on trips and unavailable to fill immediate emergency response needs.


Our gear director, Emily, will not be on campus for the summer, so the gear room will be closed. If you would like to borrow any gear for the whole summer, please contact her before finals period to discuss an agreement and appropriate collateral.

Happy Lojing!

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Prezi Traverse and Jumbo Days – It’s the 4/18 Weekly!

We’re coming up to the end of the semester, but y’all know the part doesn’t stop until we leave. The trips board is boppin’ as ever, so take a gander!

 Come help out at Jumbo Days!
 Big Weekend Updates!
Check out the Fells!
Fire Safety!
The Aqua Program is Awesome!
 Long Trips Are Rad!

— Want to help table at Jumbo Days? Come swing by our table any time between 2:15 and 3:30 on Thursday or Friday. The Jumbo Days Community Fair will take place under the tent on the academic quad. Come hype up TMC to the prospective students!

— Big weekend updates!!!

Your Newcomers coordinators are Rebecca Redelmeier, Elizabeth Dossett, and Jonas Procton!

Your Peak Weekend coordinators are Josh Cohen and Hannah Levine!

Look forward to receiving more info about the weekends from these awesome peeps in the fall

— We know schoolwork gets busy as finals approach, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking a few hours to go outside. May we recommend a hike in the Fells? It’s just a short run/bike off campus with plenty to explore. Post the trip here to find some people to join you!

— We’ll be hosting fire safety training in the TMC Office Located in the basement of South Hall on Wednesday April 20th at 12 noon. Come learn how to use a fire extinguisher and other fire safety tips with the Tufts Fire Marshal. This is super important for caretakers, but all are encouraged to come learn how to protect our beloved Loj from burning down.

1) Watch this

2) Cry

3) Come to fire safety training to prevent that from happening again.

— The Aqua program took on the Westfield River with some friends from the UMass Outing Club this week! They also managed to take a second for some sun and this rad pic!

Inline image 1

Props to the TMCers that took on a prezi traverse this past weekend! Way to go! Check out this sweet pic from the ridge and keep a look out for more dastardly long trips on the trips board!

The sea cucumber will eviscerate itself and eject its own respiratory and reproductive systems in order to distract prey and give it enough time to maybe drift away. That’s actually such a terrible system.

Email Teddy with more interesting marine animal facts

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Salsa and fire safety – It’s the 4/11/16 Weekly!

What do salsa, music, meetings, fire safety, new Jumbos, and water have in common? Your week! Sign up young TMCers! 

— Salsa Night!!

— Lojstock is Coming!

— TMC Open Meeting!

— Fire Safety Training? So Responsible!

— Table for TMC at Jumbo Days!

— The Aqua Program is Dope!

— Do you like fun? Do you require a caloric intake in order to survivie? Then you should stop by salsa night!! Our April Monthly Social is this week and the theme is Salsa and Salsa! Come to the basement of South Hall (next to the TMC Office) at 8PM on Thursday April 14th to dance and eat with your fellow TMCers. The spicy Alyssa Rivas will be leading Salsa Dance Lessons. RSVP to the Facebook Event here.

Lojstock 2016 is on May 14th. Keep your calendars open, for some say there may be a pig roast for weary travelers if we get enough interestl! If you are in a band or have friends who are in a band that are interested in preforming at Lojstock please email Maxx!

— There will be an Open Meeting on Monday April 18th at 7PM in the TMC Office located in the basement of South Hall. Add it to your calendars. All TMC members are welcome to come discuss their thoughts on the happenings of TMC and hear what the TMC Executive Board has been up to! If you plan on coming, please take a moment to fill out this one question form to help us guide the conversation. If you don’t have anything on your mind, but just want to get involved with the discussion, that’s great too!

— We’ll be hosting fire safety training in the TMC Office Located in the basement of South Hall on Wednesday April 20th at 12 noon. Come learn how to use a fire extinguisher and other fire safety tips with the Tufts Fire Marshal. This is super important for caretakers, but all are encouraged to come learn how to protect our beloved Loj from burning down.

1) Watch this

2) Cry

3) Come to fire safety training to prevent that from happening again

4) Take a few to finish crying. No shame, it releases endorphins


— Want to table for TMC at Jumbo Days? Sign up here. We’d love to have you help spread the TMC stoke to incoming students! The community fair will be located on the academic quad on April 15, 21 and 22. Setup starts at 2PM, we need to have someone at the table at 2:15, then the official start is at 2:30. The event will continue until 3:30 PM.


— Here be dragons! The TMC aqua program hit the Lower Millers River this past weekend for some whitewater kayaking and rafting! Keep a lookout on the website for more aqua trips as the weather starts warming up.

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A spring(?!) weekly – Week of 4/4

Spring and winter pulled the ol’ switcheroo on us. But we’re on to you spring…. payback this boorish tomfoolery here!

Apply to coordinate Newcomers!

Apply to coordinate Peak Weekend!

— Message from the Van Man!

— Learn to dance Salsa, and also eat it!

— Lojstock 2016 is coming up: Apply with your band now!

— Let’s do some clambering: climbing info!

— Pool session this week!

— TMC gear opportunity – Backcountry boots!



Newcomers weekend is when we welcome new TMC members to the Loj for the first time in the Fall. Coordinating Newcomers Weekend is an awesome way to get more involved with TMC and to help introduce Freshmen and new members to the club! If you’re a Freshman, you’re especially encouraged to apply, even if you never went to Newcomers.

If you have any questions, contact last year’s coordinators: Maya, Jared, or Tegs.


Peak weekend is when TMC attempts to collectively summit all 48 4000 footers in New Hampshire in one weekend! This one is always filled with beautiful foliage and wonderful hikes. Coordinating Peak Weekend is a great way to get more involved with TMC! If you’re a Freshman, you’re especially encouraged to apply, even if you didn’t go to Peak Weekend last year.

If you have any questions, contact last year’s coordinators: Brian or Anna.

Hi all,

Russell the Van Manager here. If you use the van, please park it between the lines when you’re done. Using the space in Dowling is a privilege so we have to park like we all have our licenses. Don’t be this guy –

—- Do you like Salsa? Better yet, do you like Salsa? ¿Porque no los dos? Come to the Jackson Gym Thursday April 14th 8-9:30 pm. Learn to Salsa dance from the amazing Alyssa Rivera and eat some salsa while you do it!

Lojstock 2016 is on May 14th. Keep your calendars open, for ’tis going to be a merry shindig with much mirth to be had by all! If you are in a band or have friends who are in a band that are interested in preforming at Lojstock please email Maxx!

Keep your eyes on the trips board! Sure, it’s snowing in April but it’s the season for outdoor rock climbing! We’ve got trips heading to local crags near Tufts as well as awesome spots throughout New Hampshire comin’ your way!

If you have a car and wanna go climbing contact Brian! He wants to take tons of people on trips but we gotta have transportation! Much love and appreciation to anyone who offers up their car for a climbing trip – you can learn tons of great skills, send some rad climbs, and spend beautiful days in the outdoors with wonderful people!

Brian’s contact info:; (207) 650-3498

— Jason Linker is leading the pool session this week! If you want to be a class five paddler, Jason is the man to teach you how to get out of your boat! Join him this Thursday for pool time spectacular!

Our very well connected gear director has managed to procure some backcountry ski boots just for that one person who reads the weekly to the bottom! Atomic 2014 Haymaker Tour 90 AT Ski Boots for 100$, size 26.5 (US 8 1/2). They’re a steal, and a necessity for anyone looking for a method to secure skis to their feet!

made with love and just a sprinkle of Streptococcus pyogenes

yours truely, Teddy “Jason “Jinker” Linker” Laurita

email me with love poetry here and questions here


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