Welcome First Years!!!!

Hello hello and welcome to Toofts!!!! Want to take a break from the craziness that is O-week? Click here to sign up for two fantastic events: A stroll in the Middlesex Fells and a sploosh in Mystic Lake. Explore the local outdoors, meet other first years, chill with TMCers, perchance maybe the best way to spend the day. So stoked to see you all soon

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Summer Gear Hours


Gear director will be in the gear room for the morning of May 11th if you have last-minute gear to return. Because I won’t be on campus during most weekdays and several weekends, there will be NO regular gear hours this summer; feel free to message me about a specific day, but I can’t guarantee access.

For those of you who ordered gear, it will be available this fall. Have a great summer!

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Summer Loj and Van Policy

If you are a certified caretaker, you CAN open the Loj during the summer. If you plan to do so, there are some very important steps so we can make sure everything stays good and safe!

  • If you are staying at the loj you MUST MUST MUST fill out this spreadsheet. This is non-negiotable and is essential to the Loj remaining open during summers (https://docs.google.com/…/10WiZxYNKggr8W_zcqQWTB5sPRu…/edit…)
  • The Loj is available for use this summer to everyone but only if a caretaker has come and opened it (although caretakers can go on trips during the day)
  • If you plan on opening up the Loj, post in the Facebook group/Trips board so that others know — especially if you have other car spots that other TMCers could hop in on!
  • No food will be provided at the Loj over the summer
  • There is no Loj fee over the summer, but we ask you to donate what you can if you are using Loj resources over the summer. Anything you give will go to making the Loj and TMC a better place!
  • The same Loj rules as always still apply. Please be respectful of the space and others and keep in mind that safety is still super important during the summer.

If you have any questions about the Loj please contact (Before June 22) Loj Mom, Josh Cohen or (Post June 22) Events Director Nola Jenkins !!!  

Happy Summer Lojing


Van Policy 

Dr. Doom is open for use over the summer for any club-related activity. If you hope to use the van, make sure to post a trip on the trips board so that others can join in.

The keys to Dr. Doom will be held in Christa’s office over the summer, on the top floor of the campus center in room 208. Stop by during regular business hours to pick them up.

As a friendly reminder, club activities include trips to Metro Rock, hikes, climbs, jaunts, and bike rides in the outdoors. Club activities do not include personal grocery trips or rides to Logan! Srry!

Please contact Josh Cohen aka Lojmom if you have any questions about summer Loj :)

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Finals Week Gear Hours

Hey all (especially those of you with gear checked out!) hours for the gear room next week (May 1-6) are funky and listed below; there will NOT be regular gear hours the week after, only by request.
Hours for next week:
Tuesday 10-11am
Wednesday 6 – 6:30 pm
Thursday 5 – 6:30 pm
Friday as needed
If you have gear out, it should be back by Friday at the very latest! Let me know if this isn’t possible!

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Changed Gear Hours- Spring Semester

Hello TMC!

Due to increased demand for different gear hours, the new hours for spring semester will be:
Thursday 5:30 – 6:30
Monday 6-6:30
Hopefully this will not only allow members not on campus to access the gear, but also create a time for gear return (Monday) before it needs to go back out again. These hours will go into effect beginning this Thursday; if you’ve contacted me about coming at the old hours, I will be in touch to reschedule.
As always, contact gear@tuftsmountainclub.org for more questions/hours.

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Community Forum on Female Identifying and Gender Noncorming Weekend

Come by the Terrace Room at 9:15pm on Monday. We will be holding an open forum about the closing of the Loj for Female Identifying and Gender Non Conforming Weekend.

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Congratulations to the New TMC Board!

A huge thank you to everyone that ran. You are all awesome! Shout out to everyone that came out to vote, to the volunteers that helped run elections and every TMCer that has stepped forward to help make this club so incredible!

Without further ado, allow me to introduce the NEW TMC EXECUTIVE BOARD!
President – Maxx Grossman
Vice President – Julia Depp
Treasurer – Darcy Hinck
Historian – Sahana Rao-Chakravorti
Student Outreach Director – Faith Ocitti
Community Director – Nola Jenkins
Loj Director – Josh Cohen
Hiking Director – Tom Johst
Skiing Director – Brian Taintor
Aqua Director – Anna Bartlett
Climbing Director – Aubrey Anderson
Gear Director – Kiley Pratt
Stewardship Director – Jonas Procton
Communications Director – Becca Redelmeier
Van Director – Rachel Tigges
Webmasters – Teddy Laurita and Romy Aboudarham

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TMC Elections, Prom and Pass the Torch Signups!

Come cast your votes for the new TMC Exec Board!

This year’s theme (along with every other year’s theme) is: Prom! Or as the youths like to call this exciting display of democracy, “Prom-lections!”

Even if you aren’t running for board, come support your fellow TMCers and help pick the people that’ll be running your favorite club for the next 12 months :)

Please note, you will only be able to vote using our electronic voting system if you are a current TMC member. You can check your membership status here, or become a member here.

ALSO! We’ll be doing signups for Pass the Torch Weekend (AKA Caretaker Training Weekend) at the end of elections. So definitely plan on coming if you want to sign up for Pass the Torch, which will be the first weekend back after Winter Break (January 20-22). Definitely try to go if you can, It’s a ton of fun!

Finally, if you are running for board, make sure you fill out this form BEFORE Thanksgiving day.

If you have any questions about running for board or what positions are available, check this out.

I highly encourage anyone that is passionate about TMC to consider running! Most positions require zero prior experience or qualifications.

See y’all at prom-lections!

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Community Discussion Recap


TMC recently hosted a community discussion on cultural and social issues in the club. We were looking to open up a place for people to share their thoughts and also help both the exec board and individual members develop a productive plan to continue improving accessibility in this club. I definitely think it was a productive discussion and the board and I are looking forward to having more of these in the future! In case you weren’t able to make it to this discussion, here’s a brief update on what we talked about and what our plans are moving forward.

  1. The format for this discussion involved splitting up into smaller focus groups to discuss ways that TMC could improve its accessibility. We identified issues in three categories: Specific things that limit accessinto the club and the outdoors, various assumptionsthat might limit people’s experiences in the club and attitudes that might affect how easy it is to be a part of TMC. You can view a summary of the results from this exercise here.
  1. At the end of the meeting, everyone anonymously wrote down on a note card one thing they are planning take away from this conversation to personally help improve the climate of TMC and increase accessibility in the outdoors. There were a lot of really great thoughts! I think they do a good job of summing up the direction we can take moving forward from this discussion. You can read all of them here.
  1. Finally, it is important that the TMC Board shares what we have been doing behind the scenes in our commitment to make the club a more inclusive space:

-We have recently developed the framework for a new board position called the Student Outreach Director. The goal of this position is to have someone who is in charge of outreach to different groups around campus and within TMC in order to promote accessibility in our club. This position will be a full member of the TMC board and will be a liaison between a working group of TMC members and the board. The Student Outreach Director will have the creative freedom to craft the framework for this working group and will be expected to meet with big weekend coordinators and hold check-ins with board members and other TMCers as needed. This position will be dynamic and will require a lot of work to structure it to fit TMC’s needs. Since this is a trial run, we are asking people to apply for the position, instead of running it in the elections. If you’re passionate about making the outdoors accessible and promoting a positive relationship between TMC and the Tufts community, you are encouraged to apply here!

-We also planned on giving people that are running for board some guiding questions for their speeches at elections in order to make running for board welcoming to people of all ability levels in the outdoors. While some technical positions require a little bit of specialized skill, most board positions are perfect for anyone who is willing to dedicate their time to continue and improve the functions of TMC. It’s not just for lifetime outdoorspeople!

-We also want to note that TMC has offered financial aid to those that need help covering the cost of membership. The info is located at the bottom of the membership info page on our website here. However, we admit that we haven’t done the best job of being very transparent about financial aid. In an effort to fix that, we have been developing a robust financial aid plan that will also provide discounted access to the Loj for first-timers that might not be sure whether or not they are interested enough to become TMC members.

We are super excited for these great improvements to get rolling and we do hope they help us continue our goal of getting lots of people out on fun trips! However, we’re only getting started. TMC Board Elections are coming up on December 1st. Anyone who is excited to play a pivotal role in keeping this momentum going and making the outdoors accessible to people should click here for all the info you need to know about running for board. Available positions are:

-Vice President
-Gear Director
-Climbing Director
-Aqua Director
-Hiking Director
-Skiing Director
-Loj Director
-Stewardship Director
-Community Director
-Communications Director
-Van Director(s)
-Student Outreach Director

Don’t worry if you want to get more involved but don’t think you can dedicate your whole year to board. There are always other opportunities to take on leadership roles in TMC. For starters, the application to coordinate Pass the Torch Weekend is open until Friday! All sophomores and juniors are encouraged to apply, even if they didn’t make it to PTTW last year.

You can find the application here.



As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or any other board members with questions or concerns.

Hike on!


Ari Schneider

TMC Prez

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Upcoming TMC Events

We have a couple great community events coming up soon! Mark your calendars!

Sunday, November 13: Winter Meeting in the Page Hall Crane Room at 7PM. Come for winter trip info, VICEfest signup announcement and elections info!

Thursday, December 1: TMC Elections at 9PM in Braker 104. If you’re planning on running for board, you can find all the info you’ll need here. Even if you don’t plan on running, you should still come to elections to vote and sign up for Pass the Torch Weekend (Caretaker Training Weekend) at the end of elections.

Go Outside!

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