Summer Loj:)

Summer Loj means free Loj!! But there are some guiding principles. Summer Loj is free for a few reasons: no caretakers, no food, etc. So please come prepared to feed yourself! If you plan to come up to the Loj, there needs to be a caretaker to open the place. Unlike during the school year, the caretaker can go on trips during the summer. If you’re a caretaker and you’re planning on going up to the Loj, shoot an email to LojMom (Max Migdail) at or text him at (415)378-5028 to let him know when you’ll be staying there. If you want to go up but you’re not a caretaker, email LojMom and he’ll let you know if there will be a caretaker there. Looking for other people that are going up? Try posting in the TMC Facebook Group. Also, make sure to post the details of your stay in this spreadsheet.

As always please respect the Loj, clean up after yourself and take out the trash and perishables from the refrigerator before you head out. If you have any questions please contact LojMom.

Below are our official summer policies:


The Vans will be parked in Dowling as per usual and the keys can be picked up from TUPD if you have reserved the van. If you want to use a van,make a reservation on the website as per usual.  Also, if a trip is posted with the van, it can only go out if least one person signs up; the van cannot go out with only one person in it.

You will only be allowed to use a van if you are van certified! Make sure you do this before school lets out. You may only use the van to go on trips;van use for personal errands will not be tolerated.


All Loj rules still apply over break (no shoes, no hard alcohol, quiet hours, etc). However, there are some changes to school year  policies: The caretaker schedule will be determined as caretakers are available, not ahead of time. Caretakers may go on trips, but they will be reachable and people cannot be in the Loj if the caretaker is not. There will not be food stocked at the Loj. The Loj is free!

If you want to go to the Loj, look out for a post on the trips board or in the Facebook Group that a caretaker will open the Loj. Contact the caretakerand make sure there is room for you at the Loj.

Some notes for caretakers:

If you are caretaker certified, you can go up to the Loj as you please. Let the Loj Director Maxknow if you plan to open the Loj. He will send you detailed summer Loj procedures. Then post that the Loj will be open using the “general” category on the trips board or in the Facebook Group as well as in this spreadsheet. Make sure to lock up when you leave and put the key back in the key box. Lock the Loj during the day if no other caretaker will be there, and leave your phone number on the door so guests can get in touch if needed. You are still responsible for facilitating cleaning, including recycling! You are also responsible for following emergency response protocols and communicating with Max, Christa (TMC Advisor), and the Tufts administration as needed.


Trips organized using Tufts Mountain Club over the summer must be consistent with our trip policies during the school year. Abide by all normal planning procedures: plan a route ahead of time, bring the 10 essentials, and get emergency contact information for your group. If you go on trips from the Loj during the summer, you should fill out a trips form AND leave an expected return time and emergency instructions with someone who will not be at the Loj. Caretakers may be on trips and unavailable to fill immediate emergency response needs.


Our gear director, Aidan, will not be on campus for the summer, so the gear room will be closed. If you would like to borrow any gear for the whole summer, please contact him now to discuss an agreement and appropriate collateral.

Happy Lojing!


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