Summering at the LOJ!

If you plan on going to the loj over the summer you must fill out this form.В  The Loj can only be opened by a certified caretaker. If you are going to the loj and are caretaker certified, please make sure you get in contact with Aidan (the lojdir) at 224-260-1333 or 48 hours prior to your opening the loj. Contacting Aidan is absolutely necessary. This true to make sure that there is a proper record of who uses the space and when. Also, the codes have been CHANGED so you won’t know what’s up unless you reach out. Once you have touched base with Aidan, then post a trip and/or post in the facebook group so other people know that the loj will be open during those dates.

June 10, 2019 В· Tufts Mountain Club Board В· Comments Closed
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